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Exhibitions & Shows

You will be able to see KAB Seating products at the following exhibitions and shows.

For further information, contact us or your local KAB Seating dealer.

September 2018

Date:   18 September - 20 September
Show Name:   National Ploughing Championships
Show Type:   Agricultural
Location:   Ireland
Stand Sponsor:   WW Doherty & Sons
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Date:   20 September - 23 September
Show Name:   Agro Show
Show Type:   Agricultural
Location:   Poland
Stand Sponsor:   KATPOL
Web Site:,newsy.html

October 2018

Date:   3 October - 5 October
Show Name:   Sommet de l'Elevage
Show Type:  
Location:   France
Stand Sponsor:   Azur Sieges France
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Date:   24 October - 26 October
Show Name:   Artibat
Show Type:   Construction
Location:   Rennes, France
Stand Sponsor:   HIOT
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November 2018

Date:   7 November - 11 November
Show Name:   EIMA
Show Type:   Agricultural and Gardening Machinery
Location:   Bologna, Italy
Stand Sponsor:   Raico
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