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SCIOX Launch Day

KAB Seating held an unveiling conference where key speakers gave information about KAB, Product Development, Sales and Marketing, Project Genesis, Plant Operations and ultimately the launch and unveiling of SCIOX.

Customers were then given the opportunity to experience the SCIOX seats for themselves. The Base, Comfort, Super and Premium Plus seats were installed into four individual tractors and driven round a field at Dunchurch Park.

KAB Seating also held its own ploughing tournament made up of four teams, as well as a Team KAB. The objective was to plough the straightest furrow and the competition was judged by British Ploughing Champion, John Hill.

The event was a great success for KAB in preparation of launching the SCIOX range.

Thank you to our dealers who attended the event and to John Hill for judging our ploughing tournament.
The SCIOX range
Tractor rides at Dunchurch Park
Base seat installed into tractor
John Hill
Posted : 3 Apr 2017